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Learn Albanian and discover your culture from anywhere. Mso! Shqip is the only learning platform dedicated to helping Albanian kids learn Albanian language, history and culture, all online. Jump into a course that matches your current level and learning goals. Access a curated catalog of online Albanian learning courses taught live and in 1-on-1 video format to support you in your learning journey.

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Albanian Courses

Mso! Shqip engages, educates and inspires the children of the diaspora to develop personal connection to their roots while learning to speak, understand and celebrate the richness of their Albanian heritage.

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High Quality

Learn to speak the language and engage with culture through world-class, interactive and relevant language learning and Albanian social studies for every learning level, desired pace or age.

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Live 1-on-1
Video Sessions

Kids can learn from native Albanian instructors 1-on-1 and connect with fellow learners through video sessions for personalized feedback based on their progress and goals.

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Language learning from native speaking Albanian instructors, equipped to foster language fluency and inspire young minds.

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Real World
Language Learning

We’ve woven the best learning methods into every Mso! Shqip course and lesson, so kids can become comfortable, confident and fluent in speaking Albanian.

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Arts & Cultural
Learning Content

Mso! Shqip goes beyond learning the language, helping inspire enthusiasm and pride for Albanian history and culture.

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Language & Culture Courses

From Abetare, to the national anthem, from grammar, to Naim Frashëri, from Illyrian history to modern day history… learn the language, explore the culture and develop a love for everything Albania through our proven, interactive, 1:1 courses.

Self-Paced Learning Plans

Discover Albania the way you want by selecting from a variety of engaging courses that fit your unique interests and goals.

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Our Instructors

Passionate. Qualified. Native-speaking. Vetted.

Mso! Shqip instructors are highly qualified, native-speaking Albanians from Albania, Kosova and North Macedonia. They are enthusiastic about passing the Albanian culture on to next generations living abroad and are equipped to empower kids with practical language skills enabling them to confidently speak and understand Albanian in real-world settings. Learn more about our instructors, our selection process and how you can join the Mso! Shqip team.

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Why Teach Culture?

Culturally-relevant and responsive learning helps kids learn, make sense, and connect with the world and who they are, and is the missing piece in even the most progressive modern academics.

Want to know more about how we make cultural learning fun at Mso! Shqip?

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What Parents & Kids Have To Say

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“These courses are so much fun and
I love speaking with my family in Albanian!”


“These courses are so much fun and I love speaking with my family in Albanian!”


“My favorite part of learning from home has been doing lessons on Mso! Shqip”


“I thought it would be more boring zoom school but it’s not – it’s so fun to meet new kids like me”


Expand your horizons.
Step into your heritage.

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Secure, Live 1:1
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Fosters Cultural
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