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Discover the trusted, proven, and fun
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Mëso!Shqip for kids of all ages

Mso! Shqip Pride for Culture

Learn to speak fluently
with ease

Highly qualified, native-speaking Albanian instructors help students learn the right way

Mso! Shqip Connected Hands

Feel connected to
their culture

Mëso!Shqip curriculums are designed to build a lifelong connection between students and the Albanian community

Mso! Shqip Family

Understand their roots & important events

Students develop knowledge of Albanian history and important events — without the dull lesson plans

Mso! Shqip Laptop Lesson

Respect and take pride in their heritage

Our ultimate goal is to give students a sense of pride for their heritage, encouraging them to take an active interest in Albania even after their Mëso!Shqip learning

Mso! Shqip Search

Discover who they are and feel true belonging

Students learn more than just facts with Mëso!Shqip, developing a true sense of belonging and joining a new community

“Living in the US, it’s important that my kids feel just as connected to where we’re from, as they do here where we live. Mëso!Shqip allows my kids to understand what makes being Albanian so unique and special, and helps them appreciate the richness of their roots.”

– Adriatiku (34)
Atlanta, GA

Curriculum Features

Mso! Shqip Laptop Lesson
Live 1-on-1 Video Sessions

Kids learn from Albanian instructors with 1-on-1 video sessions that encourage meaningful mentorship and offer positive, personalized feedback

Learn at Your Pace

Our engaging courses and varied learning paths allow students at every learning level and learning pace can continue their journey to Mëso!Shqip

Native-Speaking Instructors

All Mëso!Shqip instructors are native speaking Albanians with proven experience fostering language fluency among kids

Mso! Shqip Settings Gear
Practical Language Learning

Access online language learning that features progressive lessons that are connected in an interlinking framework that provides learners with the shortest path to real life conversations

Mso! Shqip Text Bubbles
Immersive, Real-life Dialogue

Students can get the benefits of an immersive language learning experience from their anywhere and practice their developing skills with their teacher and fellow students

Mso! Shqip Validation
Language Confidence

Our instructors and curriculum are focused on getting students speaking right away, using real-life dialogues, speech recognition exercises, and cognitive learning techniques to cement new vocabulary into long-term memory

Mso! Shqip Arts and Culture
Arts & Cultural Learning

Our curriculum lessons are designed to inspire true connection, engaged enthusiasm and authentic pride for Albanian arts and culture

Mso! Shqip Family
Connect with a Community

Kids get the opportunity to meet other students while engaging with their Albanian community in new and unique ways

How it Works

With Mëso!Shqip, learning is always safe and fun. We’ve developed a three step process that helps you learn more about our courses and mission while ensuring that Mëso!Shqip is right for your kids.

Share a little bit about your child and your goals

Let us know what you and your learners are looking for and how Mëso!Shqip can help reach your goals

We find the right teacher and starting level for your child

Our team reviews each application, assigns a course level based on your information, and hand-selects a teacher that will work best with your child and maximize impact

Begin a cultural learning journey you’ll never forget!

Our team reviews your application based on multiple factors and responds to each candidate

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“My child has a better appreciation of where I come from. His Albanian has improved significantly and it’s fun to explore the language and the culture together. Can’t wait to visit Kosova together this summer.”


“Mëso!Shqip is such a great way to learn both language and culture!”


“These courses are so much fun and I love speaking with my family in Albanian!”


“My favorite part of learning from home has been doing lessons on Mëso!Shqip”


The missing piece to
effective modern education

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Get Started

Your child is moments away from discovering everything Albanian culture has to offer.

Mëso!Shqip will touch the lives of your children and foster a deep-love and pride for our unique Albanian heritage and our ancient and beautiful language. Simply fill out the student application and our team will do the rest, finding the course level and teacher for your learning objectives.

Experience Mëso!Shqip
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Why is Mëso!Shqip the best option for my child?

Student-Centric Approach

  1. Flexibility: All of our classes are conducted online, so you don’t need to live near a central area to access qualified, top-notch instructors. You can schedule classes in a way that works with your calendar and reschedule when needed. Students can take classes from home, in a space where they are comfortable and focused on learning. For parents, this also means less driving!

  2. Setting students up for lifelong love of Albanian language and culture: While proficiency of Albanian language strengthens the bonds with Albania, learning to speak another language equips students with invaluable skills – such as listening skills, problem-solving in intercultural settings, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. Such skills empower students to navigate the world with a different perspective.

  3. Curriculum that counts: While in-person, classroom-based learning yields results, we have found that online language learning designed to inspire and motivate kids by relating to things that interest them, definitely yields major results. The curriculum contains structured learning from the basics into advanced grammar and everyday Albanian culture that already exists in your child’s life. Students have fun while being intellectually challenged.

  4. Personalized learning: Our personalized instruction guarantees that students get the attention they need to truly flourish at their own pace. Students work one-on-one with an instructor, giving them support and space to succeed. Because instructors get to know their students’ weaknesses and strengths and can view past progress, our instructors are able to hone in on how a student is performing. If your child is struggling with certain concepts, we will slow down in the curriculum to help your student overcome current challenges, and if your child is picking up concepts very quickly, we will speed up in the curriculum so that students are able to take a deeper dive into fundamentals they grasp naturally.

  5. Instructor Quality: The student/instructor dynamic is at the very heart of everything we do. Every instructor is intensely passionate about empowering the next generation of students to speak and love Albanian language and culture. Our instructors take the time to learn more about students, their interests, passions, and goals, so that they can build rapport and tailor their explanations for students. Our acceptance rate for instructors is lower than 10%.
What makes Mëso!Shqip unique?

No matter your child’s starting point in Albanian language proficiency, whether your student is ready to start in the Abetare course or ready to jump into our advanced courses, Mëso!Shqip offers a customizable student experience. Students work one-on-one with instructors who are hand-selected for them and placed in courses based on their own aptitude, experience, and overall goals. With personalized attention, students learn at their own pace in a structured learning environment covering Albanian grammar, literature, culture, history, and social sciences.

What does a typical Mëso!Shqip lesson look like?

Our private classes will give your child a chance to build a close connection with the instructor as a mentor and get individualized support. For example, if your child needs extra time to practice certain Albanian grammar concepts, the instructor will double check that they understand the key concepts, spend as much time as your child needs and only move on when they’re ready.

What can my child do when they complete the Mëso!Shqip program?

When our students complete our program, they are empowered to achieve their dreams in various ways:

  1. Build a robust Albanian language foundation for everyday life: Learning Albanian language, culture and history early equips students with invaluable skills and love of Albania. This allows them to connect with the motherland, the family in Albania, and the Albanian community in the US and Canada.

  2. Perform better in school: Parents regularly report that students start achieving higher grades and that our program helps students navigate our increasingly diverse and complex world.

  3. Feel confident and belong: Diaspora kids face challenges when growing up abroad. They often feel like they don’t belong in the country they were born as well as the country their parents were born. Mëso!Shqip student have an advantage when they complete the curriculum. They become fluent in Albanian, understand the unique culture and history, develop strong relationships with instructors, fellow students and their own extended families.
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