Hear directly from Mëso!Shqip students, parents and instructors to see how Mëso!Shqip has helped them develop a Albanian language proficiency and a stronger connection with Albanian culture.

Mso! Shqip Thumbs Up Kid

What Students Say

Mso Shqip! Smiling Daughter
Age 7


“I thought it would be more boring zoom school but it’s not – it’s so fun to meet new kids like me…and my instructor is so nice!”

Mso Shqip! Smiling Son
Age 10


“Learning more about what makes Albania and our family so special is really cool. I didn’t think about being Albanian a lot before, but now it’s something I’m really proud of now. ”

Why Parents Love Mëso!Shqip

“Mëso!Shqip is such a great way to learn both language and culture!”


“My child has a better appreciation of where I come from. His Albanian has improved significantly and it’s fun to explore the language and the culture together. Can’t wait to visit Kosova together this summer.”


“My favorite part of learning from home has been doing lessons on Mëso!Shqip”


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