About Us

First-of-its-kind learning platform, tailor-made for Albanians kids in diaspora

Mëso!Shqip is a cutting-edge, online Albanian-specific learning platform that offers engaging language tutoring and interactive cultural experiences for Albanian kids in the US and Canada. From learning the Albanian language to exploring the country’s history, Mëso!Shqip makes it easy to connect with Albania right from your home, while instilling a life-long love of our culture and heritage.

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Our Story

Albania isn’t just a place we love, it’s our home. The Mëso!Shqip team has come from different parts of Albania, Kosova, North Macedonia, and Malësia to live in the United States.

Our desire for our own kids growing up in the US to feel connected to their Albanian roots and speak gjuhen shqipe confidently with family and friends inspired us to create Mëso!Shqip.

We wanted to give families and kids the joy of speaking the language and feel cultural pride, no matter where they may live. Nurturing lasting language skills and connecting kids to Albania’s rich history drives everything we do.

Our Purpose

We founded Mëso!Shqip to give Albanian children in diaspora the opportunity and ability to get an Albanian education and cultural understanding from anywhere. With more Albanians spread around the globe, this is more needed than ever.

We’ve built the Mëso!Shqip platform with the values unique to Albania in mind. Whether it’s to bring communities together or instill a sense of Albanian pride in our children, Mëso!Shqip fosters  a real connection and love for Albanian culture through engaging, relevant learning.

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Our Commitment

People are at the heart of what we do. We feel a responsibility to everyone who interacts with our platform — from students to instructors to parents.

Our commitment is simple: We are dedicated to providing safe, trusted and meaningful learning experiences that empower kids to develop a sense of love for Albanian culture. Each day we put our values into action to ensure we keep this commitment.

We Value

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to learn

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Transparency in communication

Mso! Shqip Pride for Culture

Pride for
one’s culture

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Our Community

Engaged Students

Kids who are interested in discovering and connecting to their Albanian heritage like never before

Happy Parents

Parents who can rest assured knowing that their kids are engaging in safe, proven, and fun learning programs

Passionate Instructors

Highly qualified, native-speaking Albanian instructors who are passionate about sharing Albanian culture

Did You Know?

More Albanians live outside the country than inside

Mother Teresa was Albanian and holds one of the nation’s Nobel Peace Prizes

The second Nobel Prize is in Medicine, held by Ferid Murad

3,250+ plant species are unique to Albania, which accounts for 30% of the flora in Europe

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