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Why teach at Mëso!Shqip?

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Make your own schedule

Flexible lessons give you the ability to choose the teaching schedule that works best for you

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Focus on teaching

Focus on what you enjoy most using our pre-established courses and teaching guides as resources

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Live, one-on-one format

Make an impact by getting to know your students and helping them learn Albanian and discover their culture

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Get paid by sharing your culture

Make money talking about what you love, while helping others discover that same enthusiasm

“On our last trip home, my daughter was able to speak Albanian so well with her gjyshe, it brought tears to her eyes. It also made the trip so much more meaningful when she saw everything she’s been learning about! So glad we found Mëso!Shqip – a must for any busy parent wanting to provide a truly exceptional and meaningful extracurricular.”

– Ramizi (47)
Jacksonville, FL

How it Works

Teaching is easy and exciting with Mëso!Shqip. We’ve developed a four step process that helps you make a direct and positive impact on the lives of your students. Find out how you can apply today to be a Mëso!Shqip instructor.

Understand our mission

Explore our website to learn more about our mission, values, purpose, and to see if Mëso!Shqip is the right place for you

Submit an application

Tell us a bit about your teaching experience and interests so we can understand your strengths for a better match with the student

Find out if you’re a fit

Our team reviews your application based on multiple factors and schedules a live interview

Start making an impact & getting paid

When accepted into the program, you’re ready to start! We’ll send you more information including teaching resources, guidelines and more so you can start making a difference.

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What does it mean to be an instructor?


of students say instructors are
mentors and role models


say their instructors help
boost their self-esteem
and confidence

Research facts from: ING Foundation Survey, National Center for Education Statistics, The Harris Poll, and EdWeek.

Be a part of bridging the gap of culturally responsive education to the lives of children and families of the diaspora!

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Start Teaching

Make an impact, have fun, get paid. Apply now and help share the Albanian culture with eager students.


Who are Mëso!Shqip instructors?

Mëso!Shqip instructors are hand-selected from Albanian speaking countries in the Balkans – Albania, Kosova, North Macedonia, and Malesia. chosen for their aptitude and experience working with students. All instructors pass a rigorous interview, background check, and multi-stage teaching demos. They serve as not only skilled instructors, but also as mentors and role models for their students. Instructors are re-evaluated regularly during their teaching tenure by the Mëso!Shqip team. Know that your child is getting mentored by real people from back home who care about your child’s success.

Where are Mëso!Shqip instructors located?

Mëso!Shqip instructors are based in Albania, Kosova, Northern Macedonia, and Malesia. They work across time zones, so we can teach students across the United States and Canada.

How long do I stay with the same instructor?

Students typically work with their primary instructor for up to 36 weeks, the length of one level or one grade, or as long as we can facilitate while taking into account a student’s advancement in the coursework, and availability of both the student and instructor. During transitional seasons, peak times, and holidays, students may be matched with a new primary instructor given availability. We always notify families in advance of any updates to the primary instructor. In some cases, we will also offer a temporary substitute instructor if your primary instructor is traveling or unavailable during a specific week.

How does the student/instructor matching process work?

Once the student enrollment is completed, Mëso!Shqip’s student success team hand-pairs every student with their primary instructor. Our instructor matching is carefully done by our team. If you don’t love learning with your instructor after a few classes, we’ll work as a team to help improve your experience, whether that means adjusting the class pace, style, or primary instructor.

Can I pick my instructor for my classes?

The Mëso!Shqip HQ team handles all instructor hiring and vetting, as well as staffing of specific instructors for students and class times. All instructors pass a rigorous hiring process and are all regularly assessed on their performance based on feedback from parents and students as well as an internal review process conducted by the Mëso!Shqip HQ team. There is no such thing as a star-rating system at Mëso!Shqip because each of our instructors passes the highest standard of hiring before they work with any students.

Our team takes into account multiple factors when matching a student with their primary instructor, including the student’s age, Albanian language proficiency, Albanian dialect or regional tendency, personality, learning style, and scheduling availability.

If you have feedback to share about your instructor, please contact us. If you don’t love learning with your primary instructor after a few classes, we’ll work as a team to help improve your experience, whether that means adjusting the class pace, style, or instructor.